Configure Journey Orchestrator JO programs to skip weekends

While workarounds exist, they are not ideal and have limitations. Journey Orchestrator would be greatly improved if a baked-in ability on the feature existed that allowed you to skip weekends for time periods (conditional waits, static timers, etc).

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@sarahmiracle Thank you for sharing your request here, we are redesigning the JO, hope this will be addressed. 

I am redirecting this to the product team for more visibility. @All,please up-vote here to increase the priority.

Another vote and some more context: not only are these workarounds not great, they also don’t work universally. In a survey program, you only have the option to wait x days for the reminder. You can’t use calculated fields there. I would love to be able to configure “wait x BUSINESS days” in addition to skip sending on weekends.

Hello All,
We are considering providing date based conditional wait, timer and schedules. We will keep you posted about the updates.

@chethana any updates on this in terms of timing?

Chethana moved on. @PavanCh would you be able to share some plans here?


Happy to share that enhancements to conditional wait to support ‘Day of week’ logic tied to a user / participant’s timezone is part of our near term roadmap. (for later this year)

This would allow admins to configure conditional wait to optionally skip counting ‘Off days’ in a week. The off days can be the same for all participants entering the conditional wait, or be based on the participant’s local timezone.