Conditional survey steps

Background: We’d like to track additional data for negative user sentiment. In this case, my goal is to make PX show users a step with a free textbox only if their NPS rating was 1-4. If the user clicks 5 or above, they'd like to show a step that says 'Thank you for your feedback!'.


Target flow:

  1. Step 1: Rating survey; user clicks rating

  2. Step 2: If user chose 1-4, show a textbox asking for feedback on negative experience. If user chose 5-10, skip this step

  3. Step 3: Thank user for feedback


Problem: We believe that if the rating selection and feedback box (steps 1 and 2) are combined into the same step, users will change their answers when they see the label above the feedback box ask them why they gave a negative response. Because of this, PX’s dynamic label offering does not solve the problem.


Request: Create multi-step surveys that show users different steps based on their ratings.

@richa_bala just bringing this on your radar.

Hi @skalle @Chandu - deferring this to you since this is for PX Surveys. FYI @andutta 


Survey branching has been released on PX Multi Question Survey in September 2022.