Conditional formatting - is there any section in Gainsight that supports it?

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I would need to highlight some specific accounts for the CSMs to see that those customers are a good candidate for upgrade. This would be similar to what happens in Excel. Is this possible in Gainsight?
Hey Cristina, I don't believe there's anything that supports what you're looking for. I would recommend creating a filtered list on the Customers tab or on Gainsight Home named "Candidates for Upgrade" and let the CSMs work of off that. You could even email it to the CSMs on a regular basis if it's a Dashboard. Would that fit the bill?
Hi Cristina, I would +1 on Marie's suggestion about a dashboard to show this. You can build reports that analyze the criteria that you were considering for conditional formatting and then use that to build a dashboard showing those high priority accounts.

With the dashboard you can either view it directly in the Gainsight app or email out that dashboard to relevant parties. Reports will also let you aggregate and provide higher level visibility at manager, director and VP levels; for example.
Does the August 25 release, allow for conditional formatting? 

I read the following:

 "Reporting enhancements: Add Milestones in Report Builder to any account specific, time series report, whether your data lives in SFDC or in MDA. Also, set colors for field values so you have consistency in all of your dashboards and reports."

I am not sure if the "set colors" refer to conditional formatting or not. Would really appreciate a clarification. 

Thank you
Hi Ananya,

What we are adding is the capability to pick fields in an object (Salesforce or MDA), and then assign colors to different possible values within each field. For example, if we build a report giving us a count of open CTAs by Source, we can assign each Source value a unique color (Manual is red, Survey is green, etc.). What we can't do yet is do some calculation on the fly in the report, and then assign colors based on the outcome (red if count of CTAs > 5, etc.). 


We could also [i]tag certain customers for them to stand out within a broader list, or create CTAs for each of them if further action is expected.
Manu - Are there plans for conditional formatting? This would be very beneficial some of the customer use cases I've heard.
Wanted to comment on this thread to see if this is an enhancement that is on the roadmap. Our use case is to add conditional formatting bars to reports within a dashboard. That way we can quickly see where things are going well and where they are falling short. 
+1 This would be a really helpful addition. Color gradients, highlighting empty/specific values, etc. 
I converted this to an Idea for better tracking.