Compare 2 filtered groups in retention analysis

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The retention analysis now always compares the filtered group to the full dataset. Unfortunately, that full dataset also contains test setups. Would it be possible to compare 2 filtered datasets (e.g. 1 specific customer against all customers, so with the test systems filtered out)?

This is an excellent, and common, request that we have received @Jef Vanlaer .  Our PX Product team plans to release enhancements to our PX Analytics soon and this surely will be considered. @mickey @angelo 

We have released the ability to have multiple environments (i.e. staging, QA, production, testing) so that the analytics will not include those users/usage from other environments. In addition, we do plan on adding the ability to blacklist/whitelist groups of users/accounts from analytics so that the full data set is more useful.


Performing comparisons using one filtered data set against another filtered data set is more “expensive.”   Having said that, the use case you described is certainly a useful/powerful one and PX Product team keep in mind as we continue to develop the PX feature set on analytics and reporting.