Column width setting in Mass Edit report

We have ability to change the size of the columns for Mass edit reports but these are not Sticky.  Once page is refreshed the Columns are reset to their original size, Can we save the Column widths of Mass edit reports and when they are used in Dashboards too.

Today - Column size changes in the dashboard are not sticky for any reports. However, Admin can set the column size in the report builder and save the report and we honor the new column size in the dashboard. 


Is this ask only for Mass Edit Reports or for all reports? 

How do I set the column widths in reports?


How do I set the column widths in reports?


Resize the table in report builder and save the reprot. 

@Dkirkpatrick did you get a chance to view comments posted by @rakesh , I hope this solves your query. 

yes, here is the next issue.  I resize it in report builder, but then when it hits the dashboard, it resizes itself again to meet the space it has in dashboard.  so it is almost futile.  Unless I am missing something.



Basically, if you give 300 px for a column, we reserve 300 px for that column and use the rest of the space to adjust the remaining columns. This solution is needed because a dashboard is a flexible layout. Hope this knowledge helps in creating a better dashboard! 

@sai_ram - I’ve resized columns in a number of other column based reports, but it doesn’t seem to stick for mass edit repot type. Am I missing something? 

@silpa1234 Can you please take a look at this, once?

@shantan_reddy / @nora_soza   Currently we are not supporting state preservation of resized column width in scorecard mass edit report at report builder & dashboard.

@silpa1234 is that in the roadmap?