Color option for the Success Plan Objectives

Currently there is no way to identify a High (Red), Medium (Yellow), or Low (Green) color for the success plan objectives.  It would be nice to have this in the objective/gannt chart sections to reflect the items that are trending a specific color.  It would also be nice to have a way to sort and filter on the specific colors.
great idea +1
Do you see color being more a function of completion status: Open, Completed, Past Due


a function of priority: High, Medium, Low


other status(es)?
for us, it would be more impactful if it was based on status. we don't really use "priority"

Agree, +1. For us, this would be beneficial to show status. As our Success Plans are joint with customers, a very robust feature set would include a way for us to color code status internally and externally.

Thanks for sharing this Sierra. Today you can add status as a field that shows up in the list want to be able to color the card based on the status? (So that its more visible upfront?)

The status for us indicates open, in progress, closed, etc. What we are actually asking for is more of a "health" of an objective or task, green, yellow, red. Previous health, current health, and trending health could be beneficial internally. For external health, the current health would be sufficient.

How do you track the health of the task? Is it manually set? The color is not possible but you can create a custom field (text or picklist) where the user can set how the task is trending? Would be work for you?

Agreed - it would be helpful to indicate the “health” of the success plan objective by just using a color - such as red/yellow/green (see example attached)


Great! +1

We created statuses (red green yellow) to fill that void, but your idea is bomb! would love to be able to see a visual of the health of the objectives!!