Cockpit: Sort by Status

With the new release I have noticed that when I sort the cockpit by status, "In Progress" is now showing first over "Open".  This was not the case in the previous release.  Am I missing something obvious to re-order the Status list? We have many users that prefer open to be the first bucket when sorted by status.
Hi Tracy,

We are sorting the status alphabetically.  Would you prefer if we show it by display order(as configured in administration area)?


Hi Nitisha,

If I am understanding you correctly you are referring to the Call to Action Status config section within Cockpit Configuration.  If so, then yes it would work in our case, we have OPEN first in our config list.  Our CTAs are created and placed in OPEN status, so when we have the Cockpit sorted by status we like to see the open CTAs first in the list before those that we have already started and have attention. 



Thanks, Tracy. We will make this change soon.
oh that would be wonderful!  Many of out CSMs and me included are much appreciative 🙂
I agree Tracy, this would be helpful for our reps as well. 
@Nitisha, any chance this will be included in the upcoming release?