Cockpit Calendar View

One of our CSMs using the Calendar view of Cockpit frequently, and mentioned it would be nice to have the same grouping by Due Date that you have in the List View. So, when you goes to the Calendar, let's say she clicks on this week, she'd want to see all CTAs with a due date of this week or any that are also Overdue so she doesn't have to click back to all the previous weeks.
Good suggestion!
Once we are able to view tasks outside of CTAs, viewing them in a calendar view would be great. 
One more request here that a customer made today - Would it be possible to filter down by playbook tasks in the calendar view of cockpit? The customer's use case here is that the CSM theoretically wants to see all the tasks that are due on the date that they are in Cockpit, which could be spread across multiple CTAs. Thanks!
Hi Laura, We are working on Tasks View in Cockpit and would like to know 'how important to view/go through the associated CTA Detail View while addressing the Task'? please comment. 
I don't understand the question. Sorry. Are you talking about the task calendar view? It would be really helpful to show that so I can see all tasks for this day or week. 
Suppose you've got a Task view with a list of Tasks which can be filtered by Due date, would you still vote for a separate Calendar view? If yes, for what purpose you would look for it?
What if we also added quick filters "like This Week", "Next Week" kind of thing?  Calendar does two things - organizes by Due Date (but is missing handling of Overdue items) AND intuitive time range filtering.  I think with a list view - we need to allow for the quick, intuitive filtering that Calendar view provides.
Being able to see a list of tasks and filter by Due date would be helpful. Here are a couple of things I am trying to see. 

- What do I have to do today? 

- What do I have to do this week?

- Which projects have x task this weekend? Let me explain. I have an Objective/CTA to upgrade an instance. There are all kinds of things we need to do to prep and then the customer performs the actual upgrade on a specific date/weekend. It is a task within the CTA. Being able to filter by task name would be a nice to have. This also would allow somebody to see all projects that have an upgrade task this weekend across all CSMs. 

I think the functionality you are talking about gets us there. "This week", "Next week"- I think those would be very helpful. I am also going to run this by the other CSMs and see what they say. 
Thank you, Laura. Since all CTAs may not have tasks, 'This week/Next week' has to be applied on Tasks as well as CTAs. That way CSM will have the full clarity across both. I think the bottom line is a separate calendar view needed.