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During several of my chairsides, users have shown me how they use Outlook Calendar as a workflow tool.  You can see a screengrab of it here:

The idea would be to redesign the calendar view such that planned timeline activities mimic the Calendar layout, complete with CTAs due at the bottom.  Furthermore, the user would have the ability to color code the various types of activities (e.g. Green would designate internal meetings, Yellow would designate weekly meetings, Red would designate QBRs, etc.).

Thoughts on this approach?
Hi Tim,

Very interesting idea. Do you think tasks hidden under CTAs would work for customers in this calendar view or should tasks also show up as a separate item on the calendar? In case of latter, would this clutter the view and would tasks without CTA context make sense?


Hey Nitisha - 

Great question.  I think the key here is to have a more visual representation of which tasks are due on which dates - not just the overall due date of the CTA.  I hear your concern on the CTA context...

Perhaps a solution would be to slide out a CTA side-bar if a task was selected?  I'm afraid nested CTA/Tasks would clutter the view too much.

Thoughts?  Thanks!


Hello All,

Cockpit Calendar Integration in now in the BETA phase. Soon we will be rolling this out. 
If you have missed the BETA program announcement please find it here.


Hello Everyone,

This will be addressed in the 6.14 release for the NXT edition. This feature helps users view CTAs directly on their Google or Outlook calendars with our new Cockpit Calendar integration, to easily stay on top of their most important customer to-do’s.

Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming release notes…


Hello Everyone! 

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and released as part of the v6.14 release. With our new Cockpit Calendar integration feature, view CTAs directly on your Google or Outlook calendars to easily stay on top of your most important customer to-do’s.

For more information on this feature, refer to the Cockpit Calendar Integration article.

This feature is implemented in the NXT version only.

Thanks for posting!