Cockpit Calendar integration

Feedback from Cloudbees regarding the Cockpit- Calendar integration for NXT customers:

  1. The meeting does not seamlessly connect with Timeline. Can we have a option in which someone logs notes from the calendar invite and it populates Timeline with the external attendees present in the meeting?
  2. There is no way to create a DL-list of people that I can send email from Timeline.
  3. There is no way to provide branding in Timeline email option (In Confluence, you can add branding).


@meenal_shukla Thanks for the valuable feedback, with the product team now.

Hello @meenal_shukla 

#1 is already in roadmap under. plugin support for calendar line item.
#2 This is a use case for user groups, We will check this from product and provide the necessary updates.

#3 I will check this and get back to you.

Changed this to idea for better tracking.

Voting for #1. What’s the timeline for that if it’s supposedly on the roadmap @chethana?


Had one of our users request this specifically (log to Gainsight from their calendar). Would love to see this as a button (“log to Timeline”) where the CSMs could also quickly check to verify whether or not the meeting was logged from within the calendar invite. This would help with another complaint I often hear as well - “It’s so annoying entering the same attendee list every week for our cadence calls”

Hello @mindym 
Completely agree, we are have this in our roadmap, once it is prioritised i will share the ETA.