Cockpit: Allow for an abridged version of the CTA or Task Comments fields to show in List View

Our CSMs are asking for help in making their Cockpit experience more manageable.  Some have been manually editing CTA/Task names to include a brief note to help jog their memory at a quick glance of the Cockpit list view.  But this is breaking some of our processes.  (See

Is it possible to have a truncated version of the CTA Comments (or Task Comments - show up in the Cockpit List View if any comments exist on that CTA or task?  

Clunky mockup:

This would help CSMs at a glance know what is going on with each CTA/Task, aside from simply snoozing or changing the date.
Hi Jeff,

The space available for each list view field is limited, so I think even after adding a text area field, CSMs will not be able to see relevant information until unless then hover on it to read the full text.

Do you think adding CTA Status (like Not started, In progress, Waiting for someone, etc.) in the list view will solve your problem?

Please let me know your views.


sorry for the delay Nitisha.    I don't think the CTA status would be enough detail for them.   I think hover over functionality would be fine.
Has this been looked into further? My CSM's are also looking for a better experience at the CTA level. when we expand out the tasks, it would be helpful to have an indicator that signifies there are comments/notes in the description. How do other customers do this without having to go to every task and open them to see if there are notes?


Hi Sam, 

We added the capability to add all data types in list view fields(except text areas), the only reservations we had in adding text areas was that the data will not be consumable because of lack of space. Also, the list view fields are shown only at CTA level and not at task level, it seems that you need this capability at task level to indicate if task description is available or not. Is my understanding correct or do you need to show text areas at CTA level too?


Hi Nitisha, 

Yes, we would like the ability to have editable list views for tasks. This would be helpful if we were able to add different statuses to tasks. The reason we would want this is if a certain task can't be completed due to a 'blocker' or 'waiting on someone' and we would have that as our status for that task. Currently we have created a status for the CTA to be 'waiting on someone' and we have that in the list view to give quick indication on the CTA without having to dig too far. 

I believe you are also working on a feature enhancement to add a task list view to the side panel in the cockpit so CSM's can have a different view. If that does happen, I'm hoping the list view would be editable there like it is for CTA's

Does this shed more light?

I appreciate your follow up!

This would be great for our team as well. I know some CSMs on the team were updating the title to indicate next action items or a status update like "waiting for customer to get back". This created issues on the reporting end since we were tracking our standardized playbooks through CTA names. If there can be a small text area integrated within the Cockpit view, a CSM would be easily able to scroll through and understand which tasks require action

This would be a great place to put the latest update.. like “Called client on (date),” or any short note that could remind you where you left off with that client. 

@MaryannG Are you looking for a way to see the latest update regarding the CTA without going into the detailed view? 

@MaryannG Are you looking for a way to see the latest update regarding the CTA without going into the detailed view? 

@MaryannG please reply to @sriram pasupathi 

@sriram pasupathi  No, I’m looking to be able to put a brief note about the latest interaction I’ve had with the client. So that when I view my cockpit I can prioritize my CTA’s