Co-Pilot Sample Outreach Reports Misleading

The Sample Outreach report lists the customer chosen as a "guinea pig" in the "Outreach Results" tab, rather than listing the email addresses for the recipients of that sample outreach. It seems misleading to list the customer and can cause some panic that the sample actually triggered for a customer. 

An improvement to that report might be to list the email addresses of the actual recipients of the sample and, if necessary, clearly stating that the outreach did not trigger to the "guinea pig" customer.


Outreach results tab is to give an idea of who all would have received the email if an actual run was triggered, and the next sheet contains the contact for whom the sample was triggered.

The sample is actually intended to be delivered to a internal email address that you would key-in from the preview screen which does not gets mentioned in this sheet at all.

I agree that this can be simplified, will consider this improvement for future release. Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it.