Co-Pilot: Provide ability to schedule Outreach to run based on Timezone

We've run into an issue where we are needing to schedule outreaches that run in an alternate Timezone so that we can prevent emails from being sent on a weekend in that timezone.

As it stands now we can only

A) Schedule an Outreach to run every night (eastern time) which would ensure an email could be sent during business hours but we run the risk of the email being sent on a weekend, and we don't want to set expectations in that regard.

😎 Schedule a separate outreach to run every night only for 5 days per week which becomes a management nightmare

It would be helpful to have intelligence built into the outreach that could help us only target recurring emails to a particular region within their timezone, in a scalable fashion without a lot of administrative overhead.
Makes sense, Jeff.    How would you imagine indicating which recipients are on which schedule?   
Thanks Karl!  I imagine this would be based on the country/location of the CSM. Even if a particular email recipient is based in another Timezone, the email would need to appear as if it is coming from the CSM during his/her working hours. 
Oh, interesting.  Location of the CSM.  Makes sense when you say it but not what I was thinking.  Do you have a field for time zone for CSM?  
We have Time Zone as part of the User object, which thanks to Data Spaces I think we could leverage (esp after the October release!).
Got it.

We have CSMs in GMT-05:00, GMT-08:00, GMT+00:00, and GMT+11:00. So basically any new journey we build, we build out 4, so our customers aren’t receiving communications from CSMs during non-work hours. 

Such a hassle to build out so many journeys to accommodate this. Would be amazing to be able to bring in the time zone from the user object when scheduling JOs.