Co-pilot power list list view

Can you add the functionality of having a power list sort in list view?
Thanks for sharing, Ed. Just so we capture your requirement clearly, what attributes would you like to sort the list on?
We have a total of 5 CSMs on our team and we are creating a number of email templates per CSM.  Currently the emails are in tile format and we would love to see a list format so we can sort by CSM or Email Template.   Thanks for asking!
Ed, Does the filter help or if we had some more options of selecting the CSM name and filtering the templates? 

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It would be fantastic to have an option for list view for Copilot templates, powerlists, etc. The tile format makes it very cumbersome when many templates / lists are built.
Could not agree more.  Incredibly frustrating, especially how the name of the component (template, powerlist, etc) gets cut off and I have to hover over each one to see the full name.