Co-Pilot: Need to Update and Translate Options in Unsubscribe Link

The unsubscribe link that currently accompanies our Customer Success emails would benefit from two improvements:1. Translation into our priority languages: If you offer an email in a native language, then it should carry through to the unsubscribe page. 

2. Change survey opt out message: This message should say “opt out from Customer Success Survey,” since this will not opt them out from surveys sent by other Marketing functions via an alternative e-marketing tool.

Hey Lauren - This is in our roadmap, thanks for getting this on community. 

One small piece that is possible today is, you can customize the text that goes at the footer of the email. You can do this in Outreach configuration page.
Hi Sundar,

Glad it's on the roadmap! 

I don't see where I can change the unsubscribe text in the footer of the email. Are you referring to the "Gainsight Email Configuration" section within the Administration tab? If so, I don't see the option to do so there.

Thank you!

Lauren, you should be able to double click on that text from within the email template and edit it. 
Hi Gaurav - It appears I do not have the capability. Perhaps it is a permissions setting?
Yes You'll need to have permissions to edit email templates. Take a look at this article - If you have permissions, and still an issue, please paste an image of what text you are trying to modify so that we can confirm we are talking about the same thing. thx
Lauren - were you able to customize it or do you need help?
Hi Sundar - 

It looks like I have all of the permissions I can, but I'm still unable to modify the text at the bottom of every template that says "Manage your subscription preferences here." The word "here" links to the unsubscribe options.


Thank you,

You are trying to do this from outreach config page right? This is not modifiable from email template edit screen.
Now I can! I was trying to do it from the template view. Thank you!
Hi - 

Is localization of the unsubscribe page on the roadmap, or adding "Customer Success" to the survey opt out option, or both?


Configuration capability of the options you see in Opt-out page (adding new category / renaming existing or hiding) is targeted for August release. Will keep you posted if there is any change in the timelines. 

Supporting multiple languages is part of the roadmap, no ETA for that yet.
Thank you for clarifying.
Lauren, mult-lingual is unsubscribe will be supported with upcoming release. 
That's great news! Thanks, Gaurav. I look forward to hearing more about it.
Hi Gaurav - 

We're beginning to test out the new multi-lingual opt out options in copilot. An idea to further enhance this feature is to also include the "manage your subscription..." text from within the email template. This way, we don't have to re-enter that text each time we're creating an email template. Instead, we can just pick the language from the drop down menu and it's already set up. However, if there was a reason for excluding this text from that feature, let me know.

Thank you!

It's a good point Lauren. Historically since we only had one language, that was the default and we wanted to let users update default in a template if required. It would make sense to add a default by language now. Will speak to the team regarding this 
That would be great. Thank you!

Hi Gaurav -

Do you think the addition of the translated "manage your subscription..." text from within the email template will make the roadmap in the near term?