Co-Pilot: Contact Governance Settings

It is my understanding that you can limit the duration between the same outreach (e.g. if you have a recurring schedule outreach, you can ensure the same contact doesn't receive the same outreach in 30, 60, or 90 days). Does the roadmap include a way to control the the number of emails that a single user receives in a given period of time? For example, an option to set a limit that keeps a user from receiving too many emails/day/month/etc.? We're getting ready to incorporate more nurture campaigns into our model and want to make sure we don't spam users in the process.

Thank you!

Hey Lauren, thanks for posting. Many customers use CoPilot for operation emails such as renewal notice, new product renewal notice, 'triggers' (within 24 hours) on dropped usage or bad NPS score. Would you want to not send such email if it's pass the governance limits, or other types of emails you'd want to restrict?
Hi Gaurav,

Our concern is if a contact meets the criteria for multiple emails at once, can we ensure they don't receive 3-4 emails on the same day. We define the campaigns you listed as transactional or support related and these emails should take precedence over our nurture campaigns, such as the sharing of tools and resources found on our customer portal. There might be value in implementing some kind of decision tree which would prioritize high priority messages over nurture campaigns in the event that a contact meets criteria for all on the same day. But maybe there is a workaround in how we build the power lists for nurture campaigns? 

I'd be curious to learn from anyone who has dealt with the challenge above.



I am kicking this into an idea (decision tree for outreaches).


Steve Davis