Close Multiple CTAs

It would be awesome if there was a way to close multiple CTAs from the Cockpit view at one time.  
Agreed, David! In the meantime, have you discovered Mass Edit? It's only available to admins, but it's somethin'...
Hey Seth,

Thanks!  Yes, mass edit is certainly helpful.  For our purposes we really need the feature at the hands of each user.  It's just not scale-able to have the admin do this.  

We're starting to really move with our tech touch, and they're clamoring for a way to mass close CTAs as they work through hundreds of accounts each week.

Any update on this submission? We really need a way for our users to do this. Specifically if you create a recurring CTA for 5 months and then you no longer need that recurrence, you have to manually go in and delete each CTA or talk to your admin to mass edit. Our CSMs need to be able to do this.
Hi Justin,

Adding a mini mass edit for end users is in our roadmap. ETA to be decided.


checking in 🙂
Hi, I'm wondering if there is any update on an ETA for this feature? I have had to create a process for my end users where they run a SF report, export to CSV, then send it to one of our SF Admins to mass edit/delete CTAs using SF Data Loader, and it would be ideal to just allow the end users to mass edit/close CTAs from the interface.  The reason we don't use the built-in Mass Edit feature is because it is a subjective decision by the end user whether something needs to be edited/closed ... there's no way for me to know which customers they want to modify and filter by them on my own.
Our CSMs are requesting this feature as well. We send out lots of automated CTAs and there is no way to close them except for one at a time. We need a way to select multiple CTAs and then mass edit them.

+1 for this idea and/or ability to delete multiple CTAs. If a CSM creates a reocurring CTA (ex: for monthly calls) and then needs to change the cadence, it would be great if they could delete all the CTAs at once rather than deleting them one-by-one or requesting me to mass edit.

+1 for this idea/request!

We need to be able to mass CLOSE CTAs. Apparently, deleting CTAs removes any timeline history, etc. So we cannot simply delete them. We need to be able to mass close CTAs. This should be accomplished on the Mass Edit section.. but it is currently not an available option. Any updates here?

@jochle Thanks. We don’t have immediate plans to enhance mass edit functionality but we understand your use case. We will consider this in the long term though since it’s a valid use case.

Any update on mass deleting CTAs by the CSM (per the use cases above which are the same as ours)?  Coming soon to a theatre near us??

How can an Email automation tool with a rule engine designed to create thousands of CTAs not allow to perform actions in Bulk?

As a consequence we need to avoid creating CTAs, because once CTAs are created they can not be handled in mass. If I would have known that was not possible (and I was told that mass editing is possible), I would not have considered Gainsight because of this missing feature.

Hurry up!