Close CTA when all tasks are closed out

Customer is using a custom status for Closed CTA's (Completed = ClosedWon). When a CSM closes all of the tasks for the CTA, they expect the CTA to close out automatically. Feature request for option to close out CTA when all the tasks are completed. 
This was the behaviour initially and then based on popular demand we changed to keeping the CTA open even after all the tasks are closed. I will be monitoring to see the demand on this.
I'm confused, isn't the issue when all tasks are CLOSED then the expected behavior is the CTA will CLOSE? I know this is a big request of our teams.

Did you really mean to state that keeping the CTA open when tasks are open? That's expected...
Originally I hastily posted here agreeing that the CTA should auto-close once all tasks are closed BUT then I remembered a previous issue I submitted:

We eventually want to have Task statuses that are more granular than Open/Closed so we can tell if there are certain tasks that are not able to be successfull completed.

This may require that the CTA remain open, and an extra step for the CSM to close the CTA as a Risk (if they had to close a Task as Closed Incomplete, for example.)   Unless the logic can be smart enough to say, if all Tasks were Closed Complete, auto-close CTA as Closed Success.  If any Tasks were Closed Incomplete, auto-close CTA as Closed Risk.

But that might be a little tricky.
Thanks for notifying about the typo. I am correcting it now.
We are using CTAs to track new customer onboarding. I'm getting feedback from the team that it's double work to have to close out the final task AND close out the CTA. They close out the task thinking they are done, but when I share the report, their CTA still shows open. Is there a way to make this work so that when all the tasks are completed that the CTA gets closed out?
We also use CTAs for onboarding steps.

Can we simply have a toggle when creating CTAs that will either:

a) Keep the CTA open after all tasks are completed


b) automatically close out the CTA when all sub-tasks are completed?

Seems there is an appetite for both from your customers. Why not just give us the option to select which one we want (and maybe have that setting flexible on a CTA by CTA basis)? 🙂
I also wanted to comment and mention that our CSMs would prefer the CTA being closed out when all Tasks are completed. Would speed up their workflow and they wouldn't have to worry about going back and making sure they also closed the CTA. Noticing a lot of overdue CTAs even though all Tasks are completed. 
Similarly, our CS team is really disliking having to close out the high-level CTA even though all the tasks have been checked. It makes adoption of a feature they don't like or find intuitive even more difficult.
I also understand that there are people in both camps (i.e. those who want the high-level CTA to close automatically and those who don't). Would be great if the admin could just set this as a preference/setting, like a toggle.
Choice is good.  Perhaps make it an option in the playbook.
As a CSM when I am working on my tasks, I review my notes from the Timeline when working on my follow up tasks. I check off my tasks from Timeline.

It is not user friendly and time consuming to have to then click on Detail, then Cockpit, then check off the Activity and hit refresh to close the CTA. Depending on internet speed - 4 additional clicks just to close a CTA is an unneccessary wasted time. Implementing this would automate my workflow and eliminate unneccessary busy work.

This is a challenge for our team as well - extra work/clicks to close the final task of a playbook and then close out the CTA. I wish there was a way to enable this in our instance if it’s relevant for us or and not enable it in other instances where it’s not relevant.

@All, we have added this to our product backlog, I will update you all here once we consider this for release. 

We are in full support of having the CTAs close when tasks are completed.

Thanks for all the feedback. We will consider this in our medium term roadmap.

+1 This has been a pain point shared by our users. Would be great if when ALL tasks completed, the CTA is closed. 

Bringing this back...perhaps even just a reminder or pop up saying something like “since all tasks are closed out, would you like to close the CTA?”

End Proctoring-

@gunjanm We are thinking of solving this as a setting in our admin revamp (planned for Q3 release). Thank you.

@sriram pasupathi do we have any update on this one? My team would love this update!

@jhawkins we haven’t picked this up yet. But, this is definitely something we will build. Thanks.

Is there any update on this? We are in the pilot phase and this is a pain point for our CSMs - having to manually close the CTA when all tasks are marked complete.

We need this as well. It’s extra clicks for the team to have to close the CTA when all tasks have been completed, and is one of our biggest “annoyances” with our new Gainsight rollout.