Clone Rules

A few customers have requested the ability to clone rules. Tell us what you think by voting and joining in the conversation! 
Cloning or even a "save as" feature like what is available when you're building report would be helpful.  Thanks!
Cloning would save a lot of time while building out various playbooks. 
+1 for cloning
Just getting started with Gainsight and already have a strong need for ability to clone rules.
Would LOVE a cloning feature for rules. Would be very helpful for rules set up with tiered actions (ex: trigger CTA if there is a 10% drop in adoption plus client is between X and Y size; trigger CTA if there is a 15% drop in adoption plus client is between A and B size). Thanks!
Another +1 for cloning
Add Cloning Rule Actions to the request list.  This would save a tremendous amount of time when creating Scorecard Rules.
Thanks for the input and for +1's

Cloning of rules has made it to the top of the prioritized list of enhancements. You can see the feature in a month from now. 

Cloning of actions is part of the roadmap in the next set of priorities. Will keep you posted on it.
Looking forward to this enhancement!
This feature has been release in production. Let me know your feedback.