Clone Rule

When selecting to clone a rule, I’d like to be able to change the source data.  For example, we have a rule that fires a CTA based on NPS response with a couple of other factors, so the rule is pretty complex.  I want to be able to clone it from quarter to quarter and change the source to the new NPS survey data.  Instead, I have to open one window with the old rule and one window with the new rule and then, manually recreate it with the new data set.  

Hi @heather_hansen 

Agree that you would almost have to dismantle a Rule today if the need is just to swap the data sources.

Typically, when you want to swap the data sources will the output structure be always the same? Example: if in Rule 1 you have 5 fields, will you always have the same 5 fields in Rule 2

@rakesh Most of the time, in my experience, yes, it would be the same fields just in a different object.

Hi Heather,

We will consider this as a part of our overall effort to improve the rule building experience over medium-term horiozon. 

Any updates here?  About to embark on my rebuild of the same rule with a different dataset with the same fields again, and would love to speed that up by not having to completely rebuild the rule from scratch.