Clone Objective Templates

Since we cannot assign multiple Objective Templates to a Success Plan via Rules Engine (at least not in an easy, automated fashion), we are creating an Objective Template for each permutation. However, even this task is difficult because we cannot clone Objective Templates and need to fully recreate it even if we are simply adding one extra Objective to it. This creates additional and unnecessary overhead. 

@anirbandutta this + cloning success plans seems like a huge miss. 

Cloning success plan ie. copying plan info, objective CTAs and task is part of the current roadmap, hence should be available soon. Also, currently admin can apply multiple templates when creating success plan via rule engine.

Thanks for the engagement Gunjan, Anil!

@Anil Raj Pujari any specific ETA? 

As for applying multiple templates - my understanding of this is that the SP Name acts as the identifier and that there is no way to prevent updating the status and owner, meaning the rule MUST incorporate these in the dataset. Is that correct? Can you point me towards any other documentation that clarifies the best way to approach multiple templates?

The problem here is when we are creating SPs for different product mixes, we may have a “base” template” but are creating templates for each permutation. This easily results in 50+ templates required for each Success Plan type. 

Allowing Rules Engine to interact in a meaningful way with Objective CTAs would probably help ameliorate this: instead of a complex network of templates per SP, you could just dynamically assign your objective CTAs based on your external data instead :scream:

@Anil Raj Pujari forgive me - I just dug in and realized there is a multi-select option for template assignment. I’m really not sure if that has always been the case but this solves the product mix issue for me. It still does not solve the cloning issue that this is initially about. 

Any updates on this? 

“Clone Success Plan” is currently available in NXT edition 

Hi @Anil Raj Pujari - I specifically want to be able to clone success plan templates as an admin.  I don’t see an option available for that.