Clone KC Bot (Knowledge centre bot) to other Product

Hi Everyone,

With one of our latest releases in PX, we have got the option to clone the KC Bot. But we can only clone the KC bot to the same product on which it was designed, that means we cannot clone the the KC bot to other products.

It would be really helpful and will reduce a lot of manual work if we can clone the KC bot to other product as well.




A KC Bot in Product A will have engagements, colors, settings that would necessarily be different for those in Product B. 

Engagements are defined at the product level.

This is why cloning is valid within a product and not across products. 


Love to hear more around this idea in case we should be thinking about it differently :)

If your company has multiple subscriptions and products, you still want the same look and feel across all of them for engagements and the KC Bot. Manually reapplying all of the same settings is painful. There should be central settings for look and feel.

We have self-help KC bots that should have the same categories across products, and should also have some of the same links. For example, the Videos category always includes a link to our YouTube channel, and the Education category always includes a link to our Education site. This would mean that cloning the KC bot would also clone the categories and the links that are selected.  Alternatively, having a template for KC bots that work across products would work.

I would definitely add my vote to this. We have multiple products (nearly 100) and we share the same designs across several of them. I want to be able to clone knowledge bots across products. It seems crazy that I can’t.

If cloning would copy all the settings from the “Editor” section but none of the links and engagements, that would also be a big help. Currently, my colleagues have to work through 7 pages of branding instructions to set all the colors, tabs, icons, text strings, and the search integration. If the categories could also be cloned, that would also help.