Changing a filter on a Report should also update the Dashboard

I found out that when I update a filter on a report, it does not update a dashboard on the Gainsight home page. To make it work, I have to remove the filter, save the report, re-add the filter with the new options, and re-save. If I am going through the process to change the report and save it, it should update without having to remove and re-add the filter.
Totally agree. This has been a pain for us as well.
Hi Dave/Mac,

We have the concept of state preservation in reports wherein the filters and other configurations done by a user in dashboard will be applicable only to that user. If we were to remove this capability, any changes that a user makes to a report will not be sticky and will be reset to the report builder version every time he logs in. Let me know if this makes sense.

Hi Sumesh,

This makes sense as why it performs the way that it does today. But for us, it would be better to always default to the filter from the report builder version. Would it make sense to have this be an option in the report builder? A checkbox for if you want to allow the users to retain changes on the dashboard? I don't have a use case for the state preservation by user but others may and it would make sense to allow for either.
I second the vote on making this an option.

We have the same situation and its confusing the CSMs in our case.  (more education for me to push to the CSMs 🙂
Agreed! If I update a report in the reports section, I shouldn't have to remove the report for the dashboard it is in and re-add it to get the new actions to appear.


- Saved report in Report Builder

- Same report in a dashboard

What is the update on this? We have the same issue where we make an adjustment to reports based on priorities or cleanup within Salesforce and the dashboards break. 

Is there a work around in the meantime? 
This is another instance of "User State Preservation" being referred to as a "feature", when for all practical purposes it is a defect for all users.
Hi Sumesh,

This is another instance of "User State Preservation" being referred to as a "feature", when for all practical purposes it is a defect for all users. It does not make sense that a dashboard has to be rebuilt from scratch when a report is modified.


Wanted to bump this up, are there any plans to change this functionality?

Hi Alex,

User State Preservation only works on changes in (filter) values. It does not work for structural changes to a report. Any structural changes will propagate to the end user. There is an option for every end user to click on Clear Settings / Filters to bring it back to report builder(admin defined) state. This option is currently disabled for reports with dashboard filters (global filters), but we will be removing this limitation soon.

We understand that User State Preservation is not ideal for all our customer. But a subset of our customers seems to leverage this a lot. Remembering some of the things like

  • Last dashboard you visited next time you visit Gainsight page,

  • Viewing your preferred visualization than the one Admin has set,

  • Ascending and Descending chart options

seem to be quite useful for end users / CSM's.

There is no immediate plan to remove user state preservations. But we will think of ways to make this more ideal to a larger customer base.

Hi All, We are changing the user state preservation to be on-demand. This won't solve problem 100% but it will reduce occurrences of the problem 

I will update here once we consider this for release.