Change the Status of Success Plans Using the Rules Engine

We can create Success Plans using rules.

We can close Success Plan objectives using rules.

But we can't close or change the status of Success Plans using rules.

I think having the ability to close Success Plans using the rules engine would be beneficial. We could close the success plans based on specific usage data or healthscores, we could automatically close success plans if a client decides to cancel, we could change the status of the success plan depending on certain fields we build out, etc etc.

We can use rules to create success plans... it makes sense for us to have the ability to close success plans using rules as well.

We are in desparate need of this too! We mass created success plans for a transition initiative and purposely created them in draft so CSMs could start as needed. We are now at the point we want to 'force' them to activate and work on them and having them visible in their cockpits is essential.

@faust_belarmino Sorry for the inconvenience, Yes we cannot change the Success plan type and CTA type once selected.

Technically: Based on the Success plan type the form will be changed, I mean the parameters/templates will be changed. That is the reason we are not allowing to edit/change the type in both places.

Currently, this is not in our road-map, based on other customer interests and likes we will consider the requests.

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@katie_b Good news, we have a workaround!! Since we store all of these data in salesforce objects we can change them from the backend. Please raise a support ticket, our support team will help you on this.

Thanks for posting!

Thanks! I 'think' the team already tasked an intern with manually updating these this time around, but will keep this in mind when it is needed again!

+1 for this request! This functionality would be extremely helpful.

Hi @hitesh_sharma  & @aditya_marla 

Can you please let me know if there are any plans or ETA to push this request? 




@sai_ram what about those of us on NXT? Nothing seems to be available for a workaround there...

End Proctoring-

Updating/editing success plan via rules engine is in medium term roadmap. We are looking into option of closing success plan via rules engine.

Adding to this, I have 2 use cases.

  1. Default to active - I don’t think anyone on my  team goes through the work of creating a success plan, applying a template or creating custom objectives, and expects the default status to be draft. I was hoping I’d be able to select a default status on success plans page or create a rule to apply the active status to save a step for our CSMs. I was getting questions as to why success plans were not visible in the cockpit. 
  2. Apply closed status to plans with 100% of objectives completed - We have a number of success plans that are 100% complete but because it hasn’t been closed these still show as open or even overdue. I’d like to be able to auto close these success plans when they are in that state. For me, this is a cleanliness issue as it clogs up our cockpit. I’d love to not rely on users for this if possible.

+1 from me on those two use cases @kyle johnson !!

Updating success plan via rules engine is in our medium term roadmap. We are trying to include the capability of updating status, owner, plan info fields and appending templates. 

@Anil Raj Pujari this would be huge! Would love to see this implemented. Thanks for keeping us updated.

@Anil Raj Pujari , Checking on any updates for this capability.