Change Management log to identify what changes have been made and by whom

As our organization increases adoption of the tool and we have multiple operations team members working inside of Gainsight, there needs to be a mechanism for tracking changes that were made and by whom - both at the administration level and the user level.  As of now any changes have to be tracked manually - if at all.

A nice addition to this would be the ability to receive a daily or weekly digest of all administrative changes that occurred.
I love this idea Jeff. This is definitely something that we will consider when we revamp our administration UI. I would assume Rules will be highest priority, but for you are there specific things within administration that are more important than others.

Do you see the requirement to revert back a change, if that seems inappropriate?

This would involve storing of the previous snapshot of the setting / config and the capability to revert back.
Reversion is an interesting idea. I'm more concerned about knowing who did what. That should be TOP priority.  I think Gainsight created a component on our C360 page this week without telling us and it introduced some confusion for our CSMs.
In addition to this - it is important to include modified by & modified date on every administrative step (i.e report creation/update, dashboard, layout, etc) on the administration screen within that particular area.  The bigger an ops team gets, the more this information becomes important so that we can determine when the last change was made.

This is becoming a rather urgent need for us.
Can we get an update on this please.  Urgent need here as we are rolling out globally and this is a major operations gap.
Hey Jeff,

I got word back on this, the product team still has this in their pipeline and is continuing to work on it. A timeline is still TBD unfortunately, but I will update as I get more information.
Thanks Evan!

I have a new use case for this: CTA editing.

Recently we believe an user manually edited another user CTAs to improve his performance - an auditing issue. Searching for "last modified by ID" I've only found that most of the CTAs last edition was made by a mass edit automatically made by the system or by one of our CSOps, thus overwriting the previous change.

So is this case a CTA changelog would solve the issue.


This appears to have fallen off the radar.  I still contend this is a highly valid need for operations teams, especially in large organizations.
We need this desperately on our team, with so many CSMs and other roles, as well as business units within our Gainsight it is very easy to wipe out comments or delete notes without knowing who did it and without the ability to revert back can be frustrating. As a CSM i experienced deleting a comment by accident and had no way to recover it and also saw my comments get deleted by someone other than myself with no way of knowing who did it.

Version Control/Reversion is needed

Adding date/timestamps populating into a change log on the account /relationship level is needed

Also we should have a way to restrict role access, for example CSMs have r/w access and all other roles do not have write access in order to be sure that if we update 60+ accounts no one else can go in there and wipe out 60+  updates/changes and we have no way of knowing about it

Just my thoughts.
Completely agree.  I'm surprised that this has failed to make it onto the roadmap after two years. 
I just realized today there doesn't appear to be an indicator on Rules who actually ran the rule last. 

Please make this a priority.  It's a 2+ year old request and not knowing who did what in the system when you have multiple admins (not to mention dozens of CSMs) makes it very difficult to go back and investigate when things go awry.

Another thing to consider with this is to only update the modified by name/timestamp when an actual change is made. If I open a rule, or DD I don’t want to have the modified by updated unless something has changed. We have multiple admins, and the only thing we have to denote who made the last change is that updated by field. If nothing happened, nothing happened.

Definitely needed for our Admin team! Upvoted. 

yes please! @andutta got another old one that could use some :eyes:

yes please! @andutta got another old one that could use some :eyes:

Thank you @bradleymcg  Checking with the team on this.





+100 as we expand to an instance with multiple Admins as well as L1 and L2 certified users in report builder and journey orchestrator, we need more Auditing of Instance changes across the board in order to trace changes that have impacted production.

Roger that. Checking back again for answers.


We are currently evaluating the technical feasibility and have prioritised to pick this enhancement up this year. 

Will keep you posted on the timelines


Thank you