Change CSM via Drop-Down in the C360/R360

New customers are assigned to the regional Manager in Gainsight (via Rule), upon which the Manager will assign a CSM based on location, language and customer requirements. At the moment, this process requires use of the Rules Engine to re-assign a CSM to the account. By enabling Managers to manually reassign customers at will via C360/R360 , we eliminate the need to set up a new rule each time.


Hello @ashleyunity , this can be accomplished via C360 and R360 Layouts. Here is how it can be done - 

  1. Include the CSM field a part of the C360 & R360 Layouts and make the field editable (You can have separate layouts for your CSMs in which they cannot edit this field)
  2. Assign these layouts to Regional Managers

Please check and let us know if this solution worked for you. 

Hi @ashleyunity.

I attached a small video of how it works and how it looks like. Hope this helps.