Capture Screen Resolution, Browser Size, Device Type, OS of Users

Hi folks, I’ve been asked for this capability weekly by our product and design teams for what seems like months now.  I don’t understand why PX can track browser type, but you don’t bother to track screen resolution, browser frame size, device type, nor OS while you’re at it.


Imagine how nice it would be to limit visibility of a guide or dialogue to someone who has their window size too small or is on a particular device?  Or the ability to adjust guides based on resolution?  Not to mention being able to report on what your user base has for set up so we can better design our products.


We don’t want to install (yet another) product to track just this.  Please help!

This is exactly why I came to the community today! We have an engagement that users cannot close because of screen resolution. Would be great to to exactly what @alb mentions; limit visibility based on settings that prevent the engagement from displaying properly.

Just noticed this is from a year ago. Any movement/decision by Gainsight on it, @Umakanth?

@Chandu , @skalle on your radars

Did this make it onto a roadmap yet?  


Yes. Gainsight can’t render UI based on the browser resolution.This needs to be fixed. Is there a defect for the same?