Can we update the in-app messaging in basic conditional waits to better explain how to bypass reminder or escalation steps on survey models?

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This comes about due to a recent customer interaction where the customer had mistakenly selected the NPS program model and had built a SLICK participant rule only to find out that you couldn’t turn off the escalation email step. The rule had around 5 merges, so it would take a while to rebuild in a new program (since you can’t save rules and clones are locked into the originally selected model).  Based on the info noted above, I set the escalation email send threshold to 60 days whereas the survey TTL (section 3) was set to 30. This should suppress the escalation email and not require a rebuild, and it would’ve saved time had the info noted above been in the product. 

Hey @dan_wiegert, thanks for posting on Community, looping in our Product Manager to look into this and get back to you.

Hi @dan_wiegert ,

Thanks for flagging this. The important information will be added to the conditional wait UI within the next release.