Can we have more flexibility on customizing the embed survey questions

I’d like to have more customization on being able to set up an NPS program where we have the inline survey placeholder be customizable. For example, changing squares to boxes or customizing the shad of those boxes.

Hey @rothpanhar, thank you for your post. We hear you and understand that you’d like to have more customisation, looping in the Product Manager to appropriately answer your question. 

Hello @rothpanhar 
We are planning to revamp email template builder which should allow you to customize your content. I will keep you posted about the updates about this.

Hi @chethana I think it’s pretty clear that you’re working on a number of email-related design overhauls. Some kind of timeline would be extremely helpful here beyond just “it’s coming”.

Hello @ana_g 
Email builder revamp is planned for Q4-Q1 timeline. We will start working on this actively starting Q4, Dec 2021.

We would also like to see improvements to the survey question configuration, specifically the ability to create 5 and 10 point scales that are not limited to stars.