Can't sort person section in C360

Are there plans to be able to sort on the Person section in the C360? Right now, you can't, and it's keeping a customer from switching to the Person section being the source of truth because it's not as easy to navigate as the SFDC contacts related list in the C360. Is this something we're looking into fixing?

@spencer_engel Thanks for bringing this up! we have it in our road-map. I will update you here once we consider it for release. Changing this to idea post for tracking purpose.

Happy posting!

Delphix would like to add to this.  We have a huge number of records for each company in our person object and lots of filterable fields.  A greater example is in a city.  So when we go onsight we can sort by the city fields to see who may be around to meet with.  This is one of many different fields we’d love to filter on.  


We do have a revamp of the List View in our roadmap, we’ll definitely look to add sorting capabilities to the list.


Any update on timing for this?

@lexisjenkins7 this is in our near term road-map. Thanks!!

Will this also cover the ability to sort alphabetically on the R360 Person section?

Hi any updates to this? In our new implementation, this was an immediate enhancement request from CSMs. We’d love this feature. 

Add another vote for this feature!  Is this in the next release, I hope?

Hello All,

Your voice hasn’t gone unheard. We are revamping the Person list view on C360 section with sort and multiple filter options. It is under development and can be expected soon.



Can you name the release and date when the sorting functionality will be implemented?

Can you name the release and date when the sorting functionality will be implemented?

Things are always getting re-prioritized, let me check with @Shilpa Gumnur


We need this too. Sortability that is sticky is a MUST HAVE!



+100 to needing more from the Person C360, whether that be through sorting or admin-based filtering.

Hello @sarahmiracle @amanda.caldwell @Richards Sorting the People list capability is part of the new C/R360 that’s currently in beta phase and will be made GA soon. 

@Shilpa Gumnur any idea when this will GA? Is it possible for us to get added to the Beta if GA is still a while out?

@chiggitt you can participate in the beta program and your CSM will be the best person to walk you through it.