Can I edit a user's first name after they've entered a program?

I have a user who has reached out to us because her name was wrong. I edited her user details in Salesforce but it went out wrong again - I'm assuming once it's in the program that's it!

Is there any way to change what this user is listed as from within the participants list?

You'd probably have to drop her as a participant but then allow Dropped Participants to re-enter the Program. That would refresh the name that is being pulled but they would restart the Program journey.

Currently the Program doesn't "refresh" the participant list in between steps... which means that changes to the account/contact data wouldn't be reflected. Enhancements here would be great!!

I ran into this issue as well when I was setting up a program that would alert a director to assign a CSM to an account, and then wanted to send an email to the CSM who was assigned as a final step of the program, but since the Account CSM wouldn't have refreshed after they were assigned, I had to create a separate program just to send that last email.