Can Customer manage their own Session Duration?

Currently with PX, It has been already decided that if there is no activity for X duration, the old session will be closed and a new session will be generated.

Can we have an option to manage this one in the UI? i.e, Can customer set their own durations of sessions?





Currently, there is not any way to increase/decrease the PX Session setting in our PX application to match whatever your web application’s session setting may be, so this seems like a good candidate for the Product Ideas section.


For those that need a refresher or do not know, here is what a PX “session” is…

PX sessions are calculated based on application usage activity tracked by PX and are independent of your application's session settings or logins/logouts.  

A PX session starts with the first event tracked for a user and ends when 30 minutes of inactivity occurs (PX has not seen/tracked any activity for that user).  

The next event that PX tracks for this same user … whether it is 31 minutes from the last event or the very next hour or day … starts a new PX session.

Users can and will have multiple PX sessions per day depending on how often a 30 minute window of inactivity occurs for them.


In the mean time, check out my previous Community Post Tip of the Week: How to ensure PX sessions are consistent with your web application's sessions in PX Analytics for ways this improve this.

Yes this can be a Good Product idea..!!


Moved to Ideas for better tracking and voting.

Don’t you think the Reset API can address resetting the session even if it is less than 30 mins?

The API doesn’t let you set your own duration but it lets you reset the session.



Gainsight PX allows you to explicitly call the logout functionality which that resends the tracked session. Logout is useful for an app that allows users to roam between subscriptions within the same browser and where you’d like to split the tracked session into two separate sessions. The code to logout/reset is as follows


Note: This feature resets cookies set by Gainsight PX in your application. If you have set any additional cookies in your  application those cookies are not reset.