Calculation of custom adoption metrics

It would be nice to be able to calculate and trend custom adoption metrics in PX (both global, per account and even per user), for example

  • The percentage of users using a group of selected features (to see what percentage of users uses basic, advanced or expert functionality).
  • The ratio of advanced feature events vs. other selected or all events

Being able to calculate this per account and, for example, plot advanced feature usage vs. usage frequency would provide an interesting overview of the accounts for segmenting (e.g., accounts with high usage frequency and high adoption of advanced features vs. low usage frequency but high advanced feature adoption)

A similar representation on the user level would allow selecting power users or targeting selected users by campaigns to either increase usage frequency or advanced feature adoption.

Good idea @Jef Vanlaer.  Currently this capability (and many more) is available within our Gainsight Customer Success platform (CS) when it is integrated with our Gainsight Product Experience platform (PX). 


As noted, this capability does not exist in PX, but it is possible to extract this usage data from PX using our Gainsight REST API and/or Amazon S3 exports and then perform these calculations externally in another application.



Thanks for the additional info, @link_black 

Hi everyone, is there maybe any plan to implement the feature which @Jef Vanlaer suggested (or something similar to it) in PX? I also agree that it would be very useful to have such option.