Calculated fields on relationship rules

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I went to create a relationship rule with a calculated field and was shocked (shocked, I say!) to find that it wasn't an option.

It should be!
Hi Jeff, 

Thanks for this post. The following things that you could do for rules on Account cannot yet be done for rules on Relationship and we intend to achieve a full feature parity. 

1) Creating calculated fields (even for account rules, the calculated fields do not give reliable results when we have instance or user level data in source)

2) Choosing an account identifier when there are multiple fields on the source object looking up to an account

3) Including accounts where data in unavailable


I agree with Jeff on this.  Do we know where this is on the roadmap?
This is now a need for our Gainsight use cases as well. 
Thanks for posting, Cara! 

Do you think you'd be able to address your use-case using a Relationship Bionic Rule instead? We recently added a pretty robust formula builder under the "Transformation" task. Details are available here
Thanks, this may work, I will try it out now!
This doesn't seem to work as an option either b/c I cannot get a relationship ID into the transformation task and then I have no "Setup Action" options.