c360 Sections Should Allow Report From Multiple Areas

I have activity and user health reports included in the 360 page. In a few areas I have related ideas that, because they come from different subject areas, have to go in separate sections in the page.

The specific scenario is that I have daily activity at a user level which we aggregate to a weekly level by account. Both are valid views, but you can't directly calculate the "account level average per week" in report, hence the separate subject area. Related, we're calculating user-level heath scores, and that's a 3rd subject area.

All three of those are clearly connected as concepts. It would be great to get them all in the same c360 block as well!
Agreed.  Something I posted about months ago.  This would definitley keep the C360 cleaner.
Ah! I did a quick search but didn't find that one. Exact same issue/point/idea. Thanks for making the connection!
Yeah it's getting harder and harder to find matches.  
Hi Jeff and Jeffrey,

I'm sorry you are having trouble finding what you're searching for. Do you have any other examples of threads you've had difficulty finding? I am working with our Community platform to try to improve search functionality.