C360: Give Admin control to remove Companies and Relationships boxes on Person section

In the Person section Detail View, the Companies and Relationships boxes take up too much real estate, causing end users to have to scroll down to see more detail.


Admins should have control over where (or even IF) those boxes appear. (We don’t use relationships so the relationships box is just a nuisance)





@darkknight thanks for sharing your request here. We have a plan to redesign the C360 page, as part of it I am sharing this with the product team. 

Hi @darkknight 

Thank you for your feedback.

We understand how Company and Relationships attributes can take up space and we have seen how Relationships when not configured does not give any additional information.

We have a toggle in the Person Detail View, where the Relationship section can be hidden. When Unchecked, the Relationship box will be hidden in the Person detail view.


Does this help?


Thank you


@pgeorge I tried that before creating this post, but it does not remove the Relationships box:



@preethm is this a bug?

Hi @darkknight 

Yes, This was a miss from our side. 

We have fixed the issue and now the Relationship attribute should be hidden from Person detail view based on the configuration set.

Thank you. Sorry for the trouble


Hi @darkknight in the upcoming revamped version of Person 360, even ‘Companies’ will be a configurable field.