C360: Ability to customize page layout by CSM or customer segment

As you all know, low touch customers are managed differently than high touch customers. Therefore, the CSM team members have asked to have the ability to define their preference with regards to the C360 page. Ideally, each of them could define how they would like to have the sections sorted and which sections to hide.

That being said, I see a lot of similarity in the way that the CSM manage their account. Therefore, providing the ability to define the page layout by user role, user profile, or customer segment, would be effective and helpful too.
I love this idea Irit!  We would want something similar based on customer tier or product lines that the customer has.  We have 5 LOBs and each product could have 20-30 items in the feature list so as we're expanding, it gets hard to scale this for our business.
This is really important, especially for large customers.  We plan to incorporate partners using Gainsight as well, and having this ability is crucial.

Perhaps have a C360 "profile" where you can apply a specific pre-defined C360 layout Profile setting = Partner, High Touch, Tech Touch, etc
Thanks for all the feedback.

If a different C360 layouts is required since you manage success differently for different Customer Segments / LOB / Type of customer (Partner owned, High Touch, Tech Touch, etc...) then using relationship is a good option. 

You could define different relationship types and then customize the following per relationship type -

  1. R360 (Different relationship type can have different layouts)
  2. Scorecard (Not yet available. Will be shipped within the next few releases)
  3. CTAs (Not yet available. Will be shipped within the next few releases)
Even with this, defining different layouts for C360/R360 would be helpful to customize what information to show based on user Role and profile and is something that will consider. 
I don't see this as a viable solution for a couple of reasons:

1.  If I have an account number that I flag as a Partner Account and decide to use Relationships to create custom healthscores for different divisions, there is still the high-level C360 healthscore that is still calculated by default on the main account number, correct?  I would have to create special rule and report filters to ignore the healthscore on Partner accounts which adds to extra rules overhead.

2. A low touch (or tech touch) customer may not have very many contacts.  I need to create a Relationship under that account in order to customize the healthscore, etc?  I still have the top-level healthscore on the C360 to worry about at that point also don't I?

I see great value in Relationships overall, but not for this particular use case.
Is there an update on this?  Any chance that this is being developed in tandem with =16816935#reply_16816935]https://community.gainsight.com/gainsight/topics/scorecard-ability-to-have-customized-healthscoring-... ?
Hi Jeff, 

This will not happen in tandem with multiple scorecard. We are likely to make progress on this in Q3 this year.  
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We need the ability to look at our various customers differently when in the C360.

This is absolutely necessary to support our current workflows - we really need to have the ability to create multiple C360 views for different type of account (for example, location vs. brand).

Ideally, we would have the ability to create two or more different layouts based on some account field (e.g. account type), and have the ability to create different tabs and different views within the tabs.

We know that some of this is available through Relationships, and soon there will be the ability to customize the scorecard per different account tabs, but having the ability to customize the C360 layout and tabs would be very helpful.
Hi Matthew,

Thanks for posting this idea. I merged your idea into this earlier post that was similar. We are considering this and I will keep this thread updated once we have an ETA.
Hi All,

We are thinking of building this soon and would love your feedback on the thoughts we have regarding this. Please refer this post and post your comments - https://community.gainsight.com/gainsight/topics/multiple-c360-layouts


Abhishek S
Thank you, I've replied with comments.  
What about when 2 CSMs have the same customer in Gainsight?

CSM A works with Subscription products. CSM B works with On Premise products. Both CSMs rely on different $ fields, contract info is different, Support/Projects are different. The summary section only has X amount of fields that can be used and the 2 CSMs don't use the same data; so its causing a "fight" over which CSM team gets to have their data displayed in the Summary section. 

Also, how will both CSMs utilize the Stage and other widgets?

Example: CSM A has a customer in the Onboarding stage for product A, but needs the stage also needs to be in Renewal to trigger the rules engine for Product B (CSM 😎.

How can CS360 handle a customer that needs to be in multiple stages, due to having multiple products, simultaneously?

Are there any best practices for CSMs from different departments sharing the same customer within CS360?

Having more than 1 CS360 "profile" might resolve some of these issues...
You may want to look into the relationships feature.    https://support.gainsight.com/hc/en-us/articles/213101448-Customers-Relationships-Overview
Looks like a solid use-case for Relationships! Happy to address any questions you might have.
Hi All,

As you might have seen in the release notes for November, we have released the first version of Multiple C360 Layouts. You can see the detailed description with the steps to do it here - https://support.gainsight.com/hc/en-us/articles/235626068.

We would love to hear your feedback and comments regarding how we can make it better.


Abhishek S
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We'd like to be able to permission specific "Gainsight" tab layouts and Customer tab dropdowns. We have several views we don't want some users to see