Bulk Upload recipients for email engagements

Hi Everyone,


We have some tools that we have integrated with Gainsight PX and we wanted to look at possibly sending an ‘end of contract’ email to them alerting them of their account closure/access removal.

We aren’t currently able to differentiate users from an active/inactive status within Gainsight (say for example a user has left the company and does not need access - Gainsight has no way for us to opt them out).

If we could upload a userlist of active users from our tool to Gainsight PX, it could help us target the right people and avoid confusion of people getting irrelevant emails (or spam). 

I understand we can copy and paste individual names into the audience tab when using the Email Address option, but this is an individual email address - and given we have some clients with 500 users it would be very time consuming to manually add everyone.

If we could upload the list to a segment (e.g. CLIENT A - ACTIVE USERS FEBRUARY 2021) and then have that segment as the selected audience - that would be a massive timesaver for us!


@Jack-Occleshaw Thanks for sharing your request here. I have redirected this to the product team.

Hello Jack.. check out this Community Discussion where they discuss using the Data Loader tool to set attributes on users in bulk (i.e from a CSV file). Once you set the attribute, then you can easily filter, en masse, based on that attribute.

The other way is if you use SFDC and have the up to date attribute value there, then the SFDC->PX integration can keep the attribute value in sync.