Browser language as standard user attribute

For our scalability initiatives, it would be tremendously valuable to have browser language as a standard user attribute in Gainsight PX (and exportable to S3 and Gansight CS). We are creating Gainsight CS contacts based on user data from Gainsight PX, which we leverage in the Journey Orchestrator. However, as browser language is not available in the export (although used in Localization), we are not able to address our users in their own language (which is very important for our German customers, for example).

Thanks for posting @Jef Vanlaer !

PX does capture last browser details, but not last browser language details.  In the near term, you can create a new custom User Attribute and have your development team pass the browser language details within the PX Identify call. 

I believe the proper JavaScript to retrieve these value to be as follows:

navigator.languages → ordered list of preferred browser language

navigator.language → preferred browser language



@link_black Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure if having our development team implement it will go faster (but I'll discuss it for sure) and figured it would probably be useful for more customers, so I posted it as a feature idea.