Branding on Survey Page

Hi All,

I'm building few Surveys with Gainsight and have observed that when the user launches the survey - there is a Powered by Gainsight branding at the Bottom of the survey page. Can this be changed? Has anyone does this before.

If this can be changed, how can I do the same? Input to this will be really helpful


Hi Lokeshraovn,

I completely understand the use-case you posted here. I am sorry to say that we don't support changing the branding at the bottom of survey page.
Hi Sairam,

Thanks for letting me know on this.

Can this be taken as an Enhancement request? I did work with GS Support they were able to suggest a Work around of getting this done from code end but it will be specific to our Org and would revert back if we did an upgrade on Gainsight. So, my request here would be to have an ability to change this from Gainsight administration.

Do let me know on the same.