Bionic Rules: Ability to use Date functions while Pivoting data based on Date

In rules engine if we have to do  pivoting based on date we need to hard code dates(screenshot Attached) and there is no way to provide dates dynamically using date functions.

Recently we have a use case where customer wants to have their weekly usage  up to 12 weeks for a metric in single row to show week on week comparison. We couldn't  create a Pivot  task to do this as there is no way to pass dates dynamically.  Having this feature would really helpful in solving these  type of Usecases.

If the unique values of the dates run into thousands then you would have so many columns. This is one of the reason why picking up a dynamic value is not implemented yet.

One solution for that would be have a formula field that gives out the Month number or label. Use that limited values in this pivot screen.

Hello Everyone!

The Add/Subtract Date Formula field in the Date Formulas of Transformation Tasks now accepts dynamic fields. Previously, this field accepted only static numeric values as input. With this v6.16 release, the number of days you add to or subtract from a date dynamically changes with the value of the selected field. 

Also, Gainsight introduces new Number Formulas to the Formula Fields in Rules Engine. These enable you to perform powerful calculations in your Transformation Tasks while setting up a rule. 

This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT versions.

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