Bionic Rule: Changing view fields

I have a customer that built out a bionic rule, they set up 3 tasks; 2 data sets and one merge.After setting everything up, they ran the rule and started to debug

They found that they need to change one of the 'view' fields in one of the data sets to a 'MIN OF'

For this change to the view field, they now need to:

  • Delete the action(s) that hold that filed – ALL ACTIONS! (I have a rule that has 6 actions)
  • Delete the filed from the merged rule
  • Change to the MIN function in the data set
  • Go back to the merge, and re add the column
  • Go back to the action and try to remember ALL the places I had that filed -> add it to all actions
This task is very time consuming for the customer and frustrating when the change is to a view field. 

I agree completely.  I've ran into something similar and it made my stomach drop when I was told that my six actions would be wiped.  There is so much clicking and rework with bionic rules. Honestly, for this reason and others, I'm still using custom rules when I can.
I agree - when I'm working on a rule and hit a point where I need to remove actions and some tasks, I feel like my momentum is really halted.
Hi All, 

I recently started going through all of the unanswered or unresolved problems and questions here.

This is working as designed, so changing this to an idea type and redirecting to our product team.