"Bionic Reports"........Is Something Like This On The Roadmap?

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Is there anything on the roadmap that will allow us to join different objects for reporting without writing rules to merge data in MDA tables?  (which is a heavy process for a simple report).
Hi Matthew, Dataspaces might be something you need. Could you please give us your complete use case. I can point you to an existing solution (MDA Joins ?) or a roadmap item, if I understand your usecase well.


We're well aware of using dataspaces and MDA joins but I think Bionic Reports would be AMAZING. Hopefully, it's something that can be done in the future!! 😃
Hi Faust,

By "Bionic reports" do you mean dynamically fetching data from various objects using bionic rules infra and being able to report on top of the resultant dataset ? Thats definitely on the roadmap. I will announce the ETA as we get clarity on it.


Yes! That's exactly what I mean 🙂 How exciting!! Can't wait to get more updates and details when the time comes!
Hi - This is listed as 'implemented,' but i don't see this yet. I may have missed an update - do we now have the ability to pull data from multiple sources into the same report?
Hi Elizabeth,

This feature is NOT implemented yet. Its on our roadmap. The "implemented" status of the idea is a mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience. I worked with our community manager and got it changed.


Here is another use case:

We have a field that is automatically updated when a contract closes "Contract Expiration Date", which is normally 3 years after the close date of the opportunity.  Occasionally, the sales team will create opportunities for early renewal, which have a close date before (sometimes up to a year before) the existing Contract Expiration Date.  I want to show a report off all opportunities where the opp close date is less than the contract expiration date. 
Any update on the timeline for this?
FWIW: you can hack this using a Bionic Rule today. Make up the tasks and merges as desired. Be sure to include all the things you want in the tabular report in the "Show Me" and carry them through the merge. Then go to the action tab and DO NOT add an action. Just immediately do a Test Run of the rule. Once the execution is done, you can go to the Execustion History and download a copy of the results from your Merge task. Voila, you have Bionic Reporting. 
At least now I know I am not the only person doing that 🙂
Not in the least. Better layout of the process here: https://community.gainsight.com/gainsight/topics/how-to-hack-bionic-reports
Love this - Way to be creative, Ben. Now, if you have any hacks for making the results visible on dashboards . . .. . . 🙂
Oh you're a dreamer Elizabeth! I imagine this is something the teams are working on. Seems only logical.
Haha, Thanks Ben! I thought of that too, and it works for ad-hoc reporting, but not for something I want to share with anyone regularly. 
Very true. My use cases so far have been ad hoc in nature.
Use Case: 

I want to show a report that lists the open opportunities where the Close Date is less than (before) the Account's Contract Expiration Date.   I can calculate the difference in the two dates and use that as a criteria for the report... but this shows only the difference in positive integers and so also shows where the Close Date is after the Account's Contract Expiration Date, which I'm not interested in for this report.

@andutta @venky_reddy_k  Any updates on this? It’s been three years since the last update. We very much need this.

Our use case is as follows:

  • We don’t write opportunity data into GS but display SFDC object data in reports
  • We need to aggregate opportunity data (from Salesforce) with company object data from Gainsight to create and deliver automated (and not ad-hoc) reports to Sales to flag a variety of account facts from a CS view

I’m reluctant to syncing opportunity data from SFDC to Gainsight just to achieve this.

Please keep us posted with an ETA.


Sorry for the disjointed updates here guys, Venky’s not with Gainsight anymore. Looping in @Azad for any updates on this thread you can share?

Hi @alizee.levavasseur 

For these usecases, Data Designer is the ideal solution. Data Designer (FKA Bionic Reporting) allows you to dynamically build reports based on SFDC data and MDA data (Company ,etc.) after preparing the datasets. 


Hi @alizee.levavasseur 

For these usecases, Data Designer is the ideal solution. Data Designer (FKA Bionic Reporting) allows you to dynamically build reports based on SFDC data and MDA data (Company ,etc.) after preparing the datasets. 


Hi @rakesh, thank you for pointing my attention to this! I wasn’t aware of the feature and its capabilities, but it looks to do what I want/need to do! 

Thank you!