Bidirectional Sync from C360

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As a CSM, I would like to be able to edit specific fields in C360 that will sync over to the account or any other related objects in Salesforce. I currently have to create a CTA to take advantage of bidirectional sync (which adds additional steps). I wish I could simply edit in C360 and see the changes reflected in Salesforce so that I don't have to keep changing systems.

Hi Alison, this can be done via the C360 > Attributes section. More info here:

This works for fields from the Account and CustomerInfo objects.

Is there a way to do this in the NXT version?

We also have a few fields that we would like to have a bidirectional sync with salesforce.

The CTA takes many additional steps just to update a field and I don’t want to add hopping between tools and waiting for it  to sync over to GS to update a field

Hi @zoeyk , there are two parts to this

  • Inline edit of attributes - you can edit company and company related attributes from the attributes section of C360 in NXT.
  • Syncing the updated values to Salesforce - you can use real-time rules to sync the updated Company data to Account in real time

Hope this is helpful.