Bi-directional syncing of contacts


We would like the ability to add new contacts and update existing contacts in Gainsight, and to push the new/updated information into Salesforce. CS owns contacts post-sale; having accurate contact information and an efficient contact update process is critical for the org.

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Hi @jacqumul,


You can currently use the “Load to Salesforce object” rule action to write data from the Gainsight Person model back to Salesforce Contacts. We do have real-time sync of Contacts to Salesforce in our roadmap as well.




Hi @kunal_bhat,

can you give an update on the real time sync of Contacts to Salesforce?

When can we expect a feature like this?





I see this message is from 9 months ago, can you share more information about the ability to sync contacts in real-time from Gainsight into SFDC? That’s very important for us.




Hi @TalAmor 

This is work in progress, and is planned for the short term roadmap

We have a VCAM set to get feedback for the same.  Registration

Would love to get your feedback and suggestions.


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Hi @jacqumul  @TalAmor 

We have opened Real time sync from Salesforce to Gainsight as a controlled Beta as a part of the Jan release.

If you wish to participate in the Beta, do raise a Support ticket and we will add you to the Beta program


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@pgeorge  does this imply that it is bidirectional real time?

Hi @pgeorge ,


I have the same needs!

  1. We are updating GS Person information by Rules engine: getting SF contact + getting GS customer -> merge it by SF Account ID → update GS Person info
  2. After CSE get this information, they can add additional contacts or update current one, and we need to push this info to SF. We can do it via Rules engine, but may be you have more smoothly flow that will check if information updated or not and then do some updates? 

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Hi @pgeorge ,


I’ve realized that we have no object Contact to be updated from Rules Engine → Load to SFDC Object 😫

Could you help to resolve this?


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@Genbiw  Go into Rule Settings to make sure the system has Load Actions permissions to the SFDC Contacts Object.  Here is a link to the Guide:


I hope this helps.  

Any update on this one? 

Still looking for an easy way to sync contacts created in Gainsight back to Salesforce.