Bi-directional syncing of activities on timeline

Timeline activity syncing is a great feature, but having the activities already in SF synced to the Timeline would make it even more useful. We'd love to have all the emails/calls/meetings sent to customers from the whole company gathered in one place – not just the ones entered directly into the Timeline. 
Hi, is there any update on this? I have a few customers who are really pushing for this bidirectional sync. Thanks!
+1 customer pushing for this!  

If we can't sync previous activities we are essentially starting from day 0 on the timeline view.

We are planning to add a rules engine action, which will enable pushing activities from all external systems to timeline. Tentatively, this will be available in summer release.


Hi Nitisha,  Could you please confirm if we're still targeting our Summer Release to provide a way for customers to "migrate and/or populate" Timeline with history?  

FYI - In this particular example, the company would like to take data from a custom, SF object and load historical info TImeline.  Thank you!
Hi Elaine,

This is not planned for summer, should be available in fall.


I agree- populating the Timeline with Activities from Salesforce would be enormously helpful!! Looking forward to the fall release :) 
I would also agree, this would be a very helpful feature! Another thing that would be helpful is if the Activity 'Type' from Gainsight could be pushed to the Task 'Type' field in SFDC. Since anything from Gainsight gets logged in SF with whatever is the default Type setting.
I echo everyone's sentiments re: the importance and utility of this feature add. Hope this will stay on schedule for the Fall release!
Hi Manmeet,

In Administration > Activities > Activity Sync, you can map the activity type with any picklist field of task object. The activity type name would then sync to Salesforce task. The only catch is the task object field should not be a restricted field.


Hi there, this is a feature that my users are clamoring for so that they can monitor account activity that occurs through the salesforce email alias. 

Nitisha, can you please confirm when this feature will be live in the product?


Hey guys, I have reached out to the team and this is not in the scope for fall release. It is still under discussions and will tentatively be planned for winter release.
Wanted to add my thoughts as well that being able to retrieve activities from SFDC into the timeline would add a lot of value.  The majority of our users are in SFDC and a subset of those on Gainsight.  Having this capability would allow Gainsight to have the consolidated view of account activities built into the timeline ...


I just had a discussion with a client (who is represented in this thread) requesting an update on when we might expect this enhancement. Is this something that we can still expect in the Winter Release, or is a later timeframe being considered. If I could get an update on this (even if it is outside of this thread) that would be appreciated.
Hi Dan,

This will not be available in winter release but we are actively working on solving this problem. I will update ETA as I get more clarity.


Thanks for getting back to me on this Nitisha. 
Are there any updates on this? Will we be able to use Rules to Load SFDC activity onto the Timeline?
Another upvote for this - We already wanted it, but our team is now adopting a calendar scheduling tool that automatically syncs to SFDC which means that if we continue to use timeline we'll be double logging.  It would be infinitely better to have it synced to timeline when scheduled and then updated with notes later.
We are encountering this now with our implementation as well. It was the #1 concern in our pilot: having to start from day 0.

Scott, did you figure out any work around? Thanks!

Is it still on schedule for the fall '18 release?
UPVOTE here too!

This was the number one area of concern from our users during our Gainsight Pilot.

At a minimum, the ability to one-time bulk upload from SF Events would be valuable so that we're not starting at 0 on Day 1. 

Any update on the timeline for this enhancement? 
Mindy, just curious, what is the calendar scheduling tool you are using? 
We've used Cirrus Insight in the past and are currently using Outreach
Hi Hayley, 

This is in our short-term roadmap but may be available post 2-3 releases (we are on monthly release now).


awesome!! Thanks for the update Nitisha 😃
Up-voting this.  I could make a very strong case for using the Global Timeline that's being released this week with v5.13 if it included activities logged by other teams on the SF Account record also.  I've pitched Gainsight as a "360 view of the customer" but if it doesn't include touchpoints by teams outside of the Customer Success team, then that's not really true, and our CSMs have to go hunting on the SF Account for information that should be served up to them in Gainsight.  I'm glad it's being developed, and I look forward to using it!