Be able to share a dashboard with people outside of account

I’d love to be able to create a dashboard and then give viewing access to one of our clients for them to review the data. Is this possible?

@ajrufer do you mean create a report like this and share for review?


I’d like to be able to share a link to a dashboard where our clients who don’t have access to Gainsight PX can go and review data. It would be great if they could adjust timing on the reports to see differences between days/weeks/months but not have the ability to add new widgets or change what we are reporting on. Essentially a read-only view of a dashboard.


I know you can download reports and send them, but this requires manual effort on our team every month to download the report and email it out. If we could set up something that we could link to that continues to update without manual intervention, that would be great!

This idea sounds amazing! many of our clients ask for usage reports which we can currently do in our product via an excel document, but something more visual would be amazing!