Be able to add milestones from Timeline

First of all, love the Timeline interface! However, what is a timeline for, if not milestones? It would be great if Milestones added elsewhere were visible here, but even better would be if we could add Milestones as an option for the type of Activity logged.
Hi Brittany,

You are absolutely right and this exactly is our plan. All milestones should be visible in customer timeline and I should be able to add milestones directly in the timeline (milestone being an activity type). ETA to be decided.


Great news! Can't wait to see this take effect. Please keep me posted on when it will be.
Nitisha - I wondered about this too. We offer trainings workshops and want to record their customer attendance. We we going to use Milestones for that. Is that the best place for it?
Hi Leilani,

Are you planning to manually create a milestone for every customer who attends the workshop?

1. If yes, then I would suggest to use timeline. We are coming up with ability to create custom activity types, so you can create an activity type = 'Workshop' and log activities using this activity type.

2. If no, then can you please elaborate on how you are planning to capture this data and I'll be happy to suggest milestone vs timeline.


Hi Nitisha, For several of the customers I've been working with, tracking events like workshop attendance and participation in training for example are important to be logged as 'milestones' so that they can easily overlay with usage data (to explain a usage spike or demonstrate that the event had a positive impact over the longer term).  Ideally, regular Milestones like these would be included in Timeline without the user having to do anything differently.  Could you confirm if 'integration' of Milestones and Timeline is on the roadmap?  (I thought I read that somewhere else:-)  Thank you!! 
Hi Elaine,

Yes, it is in the roadmap. Milestone will become an activity type and all milestones will be visible in customer timeline.


Hi Elaine and Nitisha - so it sounds like from Elaine's response we should continue to use Milestones for workshop attendance and training participation - I like that in doing so could demonstrate that the event had a positive impact. And since Milestones will  be eventually visible in timeline, we are covered in both places. Am I understanding this correctly?
That's correct, Leilani!  
Our stakeholders are eager to have this functionality available.  Any updates on timing?
Hi Sara,

This functionality is not planned for summer release but probably will be planned for fall. I will update the ETA here.


This is really great to hear that this is being worked on. Most of us around here love the timeline feature and having those existing milestones piped into the timeline would give an excellent "single pane of glass" to view the customer's history/background. 
Somewhat relevant to the discussion here around the relationship between milestones and timeline - you can use bionic rules to create a milestone automatically whenever a timeline entry of a specific type is created:
Hi Nitisha, 

Is this confirmed as part of the Fall release yet? 
Hi Samantha,

This is not planned for the fall release, I will let you know the ETA once it is finalized.


We would also consider this a huge win for our team if we could use milestones/timeline in that way. Would make a big difference in terms of adoption as well.
Any update on this?
Hi Spencer,

This will be available post June'18.


Any update on this Nitisha? Tks
Is this feature still in the plans? This would be incredibly useful.

I see this is under consideration, but last comments are over 2 years old.  Any updates here?

Currently we can log a milestone activity from the milestones section, or from a CTA.  But I don’t see a way to mark a Timeline activity as a Milestone?

It would be nice if there were a simple checkbox when entering a timeline activity that identified it as a milestone.

Additionally, the ability to create rules that mark Timeline activity types as a milestone.  I know CTA’s allow rules to automatically log a milestone when a certain task type is closed - if that functionality could be expanded to allow certain Timeline activities to be auto marked as a milestone, that would simplify workflow.

@LoLock Currently you can create activities of type milestone manually or you can even automate the process via rules that’ll automatically create activities of type milestonea. Can you throw some light why you want explicit checkbox to mark an activity as a milestone instead of creating a milestone type activity?