BCC to timeline using distribution list

Posting on behalf of customer. Currently in order to properly BCC an email to timeline the To: section has to contain the email address of the person record that you want to tie the email to. 

Some people send out mass communications via distribution lists. Currently we don’t have a way of linking those emails sent via distribution lists to timeline entries for separate accounts. Would be nice to have in the future.

Hi Andrew,

We are planning to make a lot of improvements to E2T in next quarter and we will consider your use-case for it as well. Thanks for sharing.

Any updates here, @nitisha_rathi ?

Coming from Cloudbees.

  1. Concept of Distribution lists as part of contacts
  2. The concept of a distribution list per Account seems to be missing from Gainsight. We need this distribution list to complete the full circle of sending meeting minutes out directly from Gainsight at the end of meetings. When I finish a meeting, the notes need to go to my project distribution, not just the attendees. 
  3. Also need internal distribution lists to complete the automated distribution of reports/dashboards