Bcc in SFDC Emails

When we send an email from SFDC templates through Gainsight's rule engine, we'd like to be able to bcc our internal contacts with some sort of check box option on the setup action step. This would either bcc the email to the account owner or csm (you would be able to choose the user) or it would log the email within the activities on the account/contact level in SFDC.

So when you choose send email as your action, there could be an option like a checkbox that says "use the send email to salesforce" feature (and you'd put in your SFDC bcc address that SFDC gives you) and whenever the rule engine ends an email, it will append the email to the account activity so that we could see the actual email and email body in activities. This would hook into native SFDC features. 
Good news -- Both of your asks are already in the product.

Refer this article to setup an Email copy (Bcc). You can use Account --> CSM field for Email copy.

Refer this article where you see an option "Log Email to Salesforce Activity". Check that and you will have the conversations captured in SFDC under the contact as activity.